Inequality in housing in NYC

school children

Here are a couple of recent items relevant to our recent discussions of inequality in housing. The first is a story in the New York Times following a day in the life of two of the cities many homeless public school students: “!14,000 Students in N.Y.C. Are Homeless. These Two Let Us Into Their Lives.” The second reports the findings of a three year investigation by Newsday into discrimination in the residential real estate market on Long Island: “Long Island Divided.”

“Austinites Have Been Complaining About Change in the City Since 1884”

old photo of Austin c. 1876

Some of the debate around gentrification has to do with the loss of culture or history of a place. People tend to feel that the stuff they grew up with represents the real, authentic history of an area. It’s a pattern likely as old as cities themselves. Check out this short piece in the Austin American-Statesman that gets at this very idea: “Austinites Have Been Complaining About Change in the City Since 1884.”

Several affordable housing links


Some tantalizing items for your perusal. First, a story at the New York Times about how a program to spur low-income housing is contributing to ongoing segregation. Next, an academic journal article in which the authors report that Trump supporters, but not Trump detractors, became more angry and less supportive of housing assistance programs after being shown pictures of black people. Next, Kevin D. Williamson writing for National Review describes how economists of all stripes tend to agree that rent control policies are a terrible idea. Finally, here’s the Times story I mentioned in class about dorm living for adult professionals in San Francisco.